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dusk, falls, java

mist settling, dusk falls, and light diminishes, to the best time of the day…or one of them… gloaming \GLOH-ming\, noun: Twilight; dusk. Gloaming comes from Old English glomung, from glom, “dusk.” wishing well: tsg back: jakarta

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I’ve been working in Jakarta and took a running vacation out to Bali — here, with my lover, adventuress, that she is. Bird spiders in the lowland, clear dawning, in the volcanic highlands. More bugs, wandering — along with me…

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The Wind Of Dreams

the night, as I slept, was long: wind driven, rain washed, sea crashing, on the rocks — a lengthy whispering that took me to the place of the deep dream, the deep dive — still, a vision — from me, … Continue reading

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