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Could you keep working until you die?

Working could be making making could be working.

I'd hope for an affirmative answer. That you'd keep going.

And that you'd go in.

For forty years, and five more, I've been working in the space of making.

Four decades and counting I've worked as
a designer, craftsman, teacher in the space of making things.

Making ideas. Creating places. Finding answers. Catalyzing solutions. And, in this creating -- I've worked for my Self, the crafting of a life, and the making in that -- for others. Yes, I've worked for myself I never had a job, just my own practice. And that's a two-sided edge one, you don't know how to lead, nor do you what it means to be an "employee."

You've never been one.

The other is, that's all you've done
is lead: first in line, the first of your path, the first down the way, the first into the valley of unknowing.

First into the mist.

First, the risk.

But, between the two, they are the same. Make as a leader, or mark as a follower.

You make.

For in creating for others, I too have grown gone out into the world to learn. And learned. And gathered. And, I, in this working, this creating, have chosen to look to the balancing of the twain. Still, the meditations of creating, the contemplations of why, are forever. The work remains, for ever. My advancements deepen they go into the grain of things, the genetics of making, the psychic space and the

More to explore.

But, as I've offered before, the work is an encircling, a ringing of one person to another. It is about relationships, of course. And it is about telling -- the story, the relating of one to another; or one to one billion. Carry on. That is the work: it is a trans-formation, a translation of the content, the idea one form, one tier, one plane of grasping to another form, another knowing. And knowing: an other.

There is spirit herein there is energy, that eternal delight, the captivation of it;
it is the migration of this creative force,
from one vantage, to another.

You see it here, now it's there.
And this is a long meditation, that began, really, decades ago.

It is this:

The work of creating is about the mystical conversion of the gatherings, the spirits of others -- their tellings, their ideas -- and offering these in another form, that deepens the connection, between one and another. "Energy is eternal delight", as William Blake sings -- and there is joy in the opportunities of this practice. I look to move. And, in this movement, my work is about finding adhesion between people.

It is simply that.
And, I will continue this working until I die.

Tim Girvin
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